SR Устройство страховочное LOCKER

SR Устройство страховочное LOCKER
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LOCKER / W1010BB09
Guided type fall arrester and work positioning device. By its various use and perfect functionality, LOCKER  has become the common device for every worker at height.
  • for 11 mm textile ropes (recommended Singing Rock STATIC 11.0)
  • parking cam for blocking in required position
  • system of releasing LOCKER when loaded
  • unopenable version together with 11 mm sewn-in rope available as SITE (work positioning lanyard)
  • for connection to a harness as a fall arrester we recommend LOCKER SLING
  • unique production number
Color black matt
Weight 188 g • 6.63 oz

EN 353-2EN 12841ce1019

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